Cruise Through Alaska’s Inside Passage

Experience Alaska like the Rockefeller’s with a custom 6-day private cruise full of adventure!

Depart from Petersburg, Alaska, and dive into Alaska’s Inside Passage,
an area teeming with wildlife, meditative scenery of Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve
and endless areas of exploration.

Alaska’s Inside Passage, shaped by glaciers millions of years ago, extends from southeastern Alaska through western British Columbia, Canada, to northwestern Washington state. The Inside Passage gives fishing ships, freighters, cruise ships and more vessels the option to avoid the sometimes unpredictable weather of the open ocean.

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is outlined in the map to your left. It in not accessible by roads, but is easily accessed by air travel. Glacier Bay is most commonly accessed by cruise ships although the number of ships that may arrive each day is limited by regulations.

If you cannot make it to Glacier Bay, do not sweat it, because on a clear day you will be able to catch astounding views of the Fairweather Range, the most southernmost range of the Saint Elias Mountains.

Enough geography- let us return to the cruise…



Tracy Arm Fjord Entry, East of Tenakee Springs / Courtesy of Ian D. Keating

Five crew members, plus your friends and/or family
makes this one of the most intimate vacations imaginable.

There are four spacious and comfortable staterooms on-board.
Whether you are traveling with a group you do not know that well, or you are looking for alone time away from the group you know too well, there are plenty of nooks and decks to hideaway.

Flexible itineraries, multiple adventurous excursions and exclusive access to bays and coves are just a few of the inclusive luxuries.

Your day can be as full of adventure or as full of relaxing as you want it to be. Leave the kids to halibut fishing with the crew members while you enjoy a book during the sunset.
Jump in a kayak with the crew to observe glaciers up close and personal!




Fresh Shrimp Served Over A Bed Of Greens / Curtosey of Sikumi Alaska Cruises

Target halibut or some Chinook in the sea;
Cast off for some salmon, trout or char in some freshwater streams.
Alaska holds it down when it comes to sport fishing.

I hope you want to reap the fruits of you labor, because you can eat what you and the crew catch!
Did somebody say king crab?

Trained by celebrity chef John Besh, the cruise’s 5 Star Chef will dish out meals of a lifetime.
With this experience comes the ability to cater to your special diets and allergies
in a… tasteful manner.

Beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages (including some caffeinated) are unlimited.
Liquor must be brought aboard yourself, but they have the mixers under control.




A Horned Puffin Enjoys Some Dinner / Photo Curtouesy of Pete Richmond


Observe Horned Puffin, which you will find in colonies along the coastline and islands of Alaska during the summertime; After which they depart for the high seas where they spend the remainder of the year.

America’s icon, Bald Eagles, inhabit areas of Alaska.
They of course (with any wildlife) are no guaranteed sight, but they do frequent the Inside Passage where life is calm and the options for feasting a’plenty.

Those are just a few of the many species of bird and raptor you may observe during your journey through Alaska’s Inside Passage.

Not only do you have the oppurtunity to birdwatch, but Alaska is teeming with marine and land mammals.

Sea otters, sea lions, bears, mountain goats, and whales… oh my!


The adventures listed above are only the tip of the iceberg (pun totally intended).

Kayaking, crabbing, hiking, soaking in hot springs, beach combing,
and photography are also available excursions that should not be missed.

Check out sikumi custom Alaska cruises to book the trip of a lifetime!
Alaska awaits!